How to get to Bratislava

There are several options how to get to Bratislava:

By plane, by bus, by train, by car. If you fly in..

By plane

Fly to Vienna, and from Vienna Airport to Bratislava (approx. 30-40′ min)

✓ by Bus – cost approx 10 EUR – you can buy the ticket directly at the airport with the bus driver (such as EurolinesSlovaklines, Regiojet, etc) maybe check the bus schedule on or at bus web-sites.

✓ by Taxi – If you take a taxi straight away from the airport – that cost around 100 EUR

✓ by Slovak Taxi – If you order Taxi from Slovakia in advance that can cost approximately 50 EUR

Fly to Bratislava airport directly.

✓ Take a bus to the city (approx 1 EUR)

✓ Take taxi from the airport. Taxi drivers often cheat and ask 20+ eur. Normal price is 5-10 EUR.

Fly to Budapest, and from Budapest Airport to Bratislava (approx. 2-6 hours)

✓ by Taxi – If you take a taxi straight away from the airport – that cost around 180-200 EUR (example: )

✓ by bus/train – . Take taxi to Train station (approx 22 eur) and then take a train – see sectioni trains. This connection is a bit hassle.

By bus, train, car

By car – simply take a GPS navigation and get to Bratislava

Transport from Vienna to Bratislava (approx. 1 hour)

✓ by Bus check for schedule:  (approx 10 EUR)

✓ by Train from Wien Haupt Bahnhof   | check  or  check (approx 10 EUR)

Transport from Prague to Bratislava (approx. 4 hours)

✓ by Bus (approx 16 EUR one way) 

✓ by Train (approx 25-30 EUR one way) 

Transport from Budapest to Bratislava (approx. 2 hours)

✓ by Bus   (approx 15 EUR one way; Return 20 EUR)

✓ by Train (approx 17 EUR return )

Transport from Kosice to Bratislava (approx. 5 hours)

✓ by Bus   (approx 20 EUR one way; one way 20 EUR)

✓ by Train (approx 15-24 EUR one way ) From these options I strongly recommend travelling by train. It is much better and comfortable in my view.

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