Best time to visit Bratislava

What is best time to visit Bratislava?

it depends what you want to see but for regular touristic and visitors I would say general travel is best from end of March till October.

Temperatures in Bratislava

Bratislava belongs to warmest and driest places in SLovakia.

End of March, April, May, September and October temperatures are mild. I would reccomend to anyone to visit Bratislava these months:

  • you will not be sweating, and you can enjoy just normal temperature
  • you still can enjoy coffeee on terasse of restaurant (obviously more close to summer, better chance for coffee on the terrase)
  • there is less tourists so you may see more of real SLovaks in downtown unlike some summer months you will see more tourists then Slovaks

The months May, June, July, August and September have nice weather with a good average temperature. 

Bratislava is inland city, and the summer in Bratislava is continental, which means hot and dry.  July and August it can get very hot up to 30-40 °C (86-104 F).

The temperature itself would still be ok, however when you are in “concrete jungle” like historical downtown is, walking at the noon may be tiring.

In general more green stuff like trees and grass and parks would help to shades and avoiding overheatnig the city itself.

Rainfall in Bratislava

Bratislava belongs to the driest places in Slovakia. Does not really matter which months is the driest. You can use general rule approx 45-55 mm precipitation, which is not little, however it is completely fine for any travelling.

Showers or thunderstorms may occur because of the summer monsoon called Medardova kvapka (Medard drop – 40 days of rain).

May occur – means may and not must. from time to time, thunderstorms may be very heavy (due to recent climate changes)

How good is it to visit Bratislava in winter?

Winter has its charm in Bratislava. Christmas markets are cosier and less commerial then those in Vienna.

When it comes to Traditional Christmas decorations unfortunatelly marketing havoc of companies brings decorations often already in October, so no comment, dont get influenced to buy stupidities 🙂

Ok Back to Christmas markets: You may whitness some of traditions, christmas songs, and drink cooked wine(which by the way is very good! You can also taste local drink ‘hriato’ or some other local ‘specialities” I recommend them, it really is good.

Hey remember do not mix everything, all alcohol together so that you avoid headache.

On the market there are also plenty of stalls with traditional souvenirs and foods so you enjoy your evening time to the fullest.

There is open air ice-skating area at Hviezdoslavovo square – if the weather allows – these days you never know if the winter will be warm or cold.

It is also wise to check for festivals/events calendar when you plan your visit.

Best time to travel to Bratislava   |   Best time to visit Bratislava 

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