How to travel around Slovakia by public transport?

to plan your travelling, please use following journey planner for public transport  schedule “by train or by bus” :    

==> abbreviation CP comes from “Cestovný Poriadok” which means “Timetable” for public transport.

This contains all buses, trains in Slovakia, their schedules and timetables.

You can also search for some connections to neighboring countries from Slovakia, such as Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine.

You will can find there main bus and train connections that provide you information how to travel such as:

  • From Bratislava to Vienna
  • From Bratislava to Prague
  • From Bratislava to Brno
  • From Bratislava to Budapest
  • From Bratislava to Krakow
  • From Bratislava to Kosice
  • and also all detailed Slovak domestic  connections

For accommodation we recommend 

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