Bike sharing in Bratislava, Slovakia

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Rent a bicycle

You can explore Bratislava faster and cover longer distances when you use bike.  Bratislava now offers many bicycles to rent. They are yellow color and there is over 70 stations around the city. That practically means,  can you take bike from 1 station, and leave it at another station.

Prices of renting bike

The prices are friendly, and you can also use ITIC / ISIC cards which make it even better.

Prices are approx 6 eur a day, or 9 eur a month with some limitations. 

How it works?

1. Register
Register and create your account.
Registration takes only 2-3 minutes. For more information visit

note: At the time of writing this article, they did not have mobile app yet, you need to register on web.

2. Pay by card online
Choose a program and use your payment card to make an online payment.

3. Get your pin – You will receive a PIN code
After paying you will receive your personal PIN code via SMS. The code will also be sent to the e-mail address you used to register.

4. Rent the bike
Find the nearest docking station.  Enter the PIN code into the bike and unlock it. Once unlocked remove it from the station and enjoy the ride, explore Bratislava and around but ride with consideration please.

5. Return the bike
Return the BAjk to any docking station with an empty space.

6. Information about the ride
Information about your ride will be saved in your account.


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