Slovakia 10 days travel itinerary


You plan to travel to Slovakia and you decided that you spend 10 days here and you are thinking “What can I see in 10 days in Slovakia”?

Well 10 days of travel is enough to see quite a bit of Slovakia

Here you can find suggestions, so that you can see best of the country and culture, and hopefully you can enjoy Slovakia the most during your travel.

Slovakia Travel itinerary, Košice, Devín Tatra mountains, Čičmany, Bratislava, Levoča
Slovakia Travel itinerary, Košice, Devín Tatra mountains, Čičmany, Bratislava, Levoča

Here you are two 1 week itineraries to travel in Slovakia by car or to travel Slovakia by public transport:

Slovakia 10 days travel itinerary – transport by car

Suggested travel itinerary is considering you have or hired a car:

Day 1-2: Arrive in Bratislava, walk around Bratislava
Day 3: Visit Piestany, experience Spa, visit Cicmany village
Day 4-5: Visit Kremnica & Banska Stiavnica, Vlkolinec village
Day 6-7: Visit Tatra mountains
Day 8-9: Visit Levoca, Spis castle, Kosice
Day 10: Travel back to Bratislava – on the way back use south route and visit some of the caves – Domica or …

This is very intense planning, and you may either see/smell all of it a bit, or just go a bit slower stay longer where you like it, and skip some places

If you do not have the car, you may skip some of the places suggested, or add 2-3 extra days for travelling or check itinerary for travel via public transport for example:

Suggested itinerary is you will use public transport:

Slovakia 10 days travel Itinerary – by public transport 

  • Day 1-2: Arrive in Bratislava, walk around Bratislava (Slovakia capital)
  • Day 3-4-5: Visit Kremnica and Banska Stiavnica,  (very nice historical places)
  • Day 6-7: Visit Tatra mountains (nice nature)
  • Day 8-9: Visit Levoca, Spis castle, Kosice (Cultural and historical spots)
  • Day 10: Travel back to Bratislava  

The travel map

Travelling using public transport is still easy and well organised, you just need to plan your schedule little more.

The itinerary travel map is showing all of the places for car itinerary – for travelling via public transport just skip some points.

You can also switch on/off points caves and castles so that you can see what is on your way, or how you can adjust your travel plan if you want.

If the travel map does not display for any reason, you can view it on following link:

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