Quick guide for Ukrainian refugees

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Та сама стаття українською мовою, натисніть тут.

Quick guide for Ukrainian refugees:

Entering Slovakia from the Ukrainian border:

If you have a passport, you can just cross the borders.

If you do not have the passport

there is a special registration on so called “hot-spot” at the borders of Ublja, Vyšné Nemecké, Čierna na

Dokonca aj ludia bez dokladov budu moct ist, len ich budu specialne registrovat, otvaraju takzvane “hot-spoty” na prechod hranicami v Ubli, Vysnom Nemeckom, Ciernej nad Tisou, Ulic

Emergency numbers in Slovakia:

  • General Emergency number 112
  • Direct numbers
  • Medical:              155
  • Fire department   150
  • Police                  158

Transport in Slovakia:

all transport is free in Slovakia for ukrainian refugees.

If you have a Ukrainian passport, you can use buses, trains, public transport for free.

Map of the main train tracks:

main train timetable Slovakia
main train timetable Slovakia

The timetable is just for orientation, the exact times can be found at: https://www.zsr.sk/en/ 


Temporary refugee – Asylum:

You can request the status of a temporary refugee directly when crossing the border.

Exchanging hrivna

1st place in Slovakia to exchange Hrivna:

Tatra banka 
Place: Tatra centrum, Hodzovo nam 3., Bratislava
Time: working days 9.00 -15.00
COnditions: Person above 18 years old with UA passport
Limit: 250€/ person / day
they say normal exchange rate
Without processing fees

Helpful Facebook groups:

Foreigners in Bratislava


Житло для біженців з України – Ubytovanie pre utecencov z Ukrajiny


Organizations that can help:



It is an online education in Ukrainian for primary school children. The parent and the child have a video call with a Ukrainian teacher, and then they can learn interactively and playfully. It was developed by Slovaks, great guys from Soficreo together with Touch4IT and StudiomEcht. The platform already has a team of seven teachers and coordinators who provide translations, online textbooks from Ukraine, and training of teachers with trainers from the League for Mental Health.

Flying out of SLovakia

Wizz Air will support Ukrainian refugees by offering them 100,000 free seats on all continental Europe flights departing from Ukraine’s border countries (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania). Wizz Air is committed to helping the refugees reach their final destinations.

Ukrainian refugees wishing to book a flight can do so by visiting: https://wizzair.com/#/rescue. Wizz Air has already added larger planes and extra flights from border countries to Europe to help support the movement of refugees, as necessary. Photos: Dirk Grothe.


POLAND: For Ukrainians coming from Ukraine to Poland:

FB Group Help in Poland:

UKRAINA jak pomóc? szukam pomocy! Україна – як допомогти? Мені потрібна доп


Help lines in Poland:


Text in English, Polish and Ukrainian:

Uruchamiamy Telefoniczną Linię Wsparcia


GERMANY: Facebook groups for Germany:

Accomodation for ukrainian refugees: Wohnraum für die flüchtenden Ukrainer*innen/ житло для бiженцiв з Украïни


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