Budget to travel in Slovakia

What budget do I need for traveling in Slovakia?

Comparing to western Europe countries
you can travel in Slovakia for fairly good budget.
While Bratislava as Slovakian capital is a bit more expensive, just like any other capital in the world.

 Accommodation from 15-20 eur / capitals cost more

you can find accommodation around Slovakia starting from 15-20 eur a night
and in Bratislava from around 35 eur a night.
Yep you can always find cheaper hostel or so, I am not saying minimal prices but approximate prices for fairly decent travelling.

for 50-100 eur a night you will find very good standard and top prices are starting at about 300 EUR a night.

Food from 5-10 eur /  capital costs more

If you like dining in restaurant you can eat from about 5 eur a meal 
with few drinks and soup you can easily go to 10 eur or more. It depends how you control your money, and what you consume.
By shopping in supermarket you can really depends what you buy and if you can cook. You can manage from about 6 EUR a day in total, but then you need to cook

Budget breakfastSandwich, scrambled eggs2 – 4 EUR
Budget lunchVarious selection of European style food3.5 – 7 EUR
Budget dinnerMost restaurants are international rather
than traditional Slovak, and good deals are possible if you look around.
6 – 10 EUR

There is no need to buy water. Tap water is drinkable with very good quality, and you can have it for free.
Further information about tap water here.

Drinks in Slovakia:

Drinks are cheap comparing to western Europe, however going to Slovakia just to get drunk is “baad” travel 🙂 Behave, respect, appreciate.
Beer 1 eur, Bratislava 2-3 eur.
I am not going to list alcohol prices here, but for 10 EUR you can get couple of drinks, In Bratislava you can end up just with 2 drinks (downtown)

Public transport within the cities

Travelling with public transport is approximately 1 eur a ride. More less depending on the city.

Public Transport across the country

From West to East of Slovakia it takes is about 500 km / 6 hours of travel.
From south to north about 200 km / 2 hours of travel.
there are buses and trains, both are good, for some travel you choose only buses.
From Bratislava to Kosice (West to east Slovakia) it cost about 20-24 eur by InterCity train)

For further info check following article about public transport in Slovakia.

Car rental in Slovakia – from 25 eur per day

car rental starts at approx 25 eur a day with full insurance. please check if you have unlimited mileage.
With rental car you can travel around countris of European Union, however Bulgaria and Romania are excluded because of a lot of stealing in these countries.
Some rental companies completely ban travelling to Bulgaria & Romania with their cars. If you wish to travel to Albania or so you will be probably charged extra.
Excess is around 300 euros, but with extra insurance you can eliminate it to zero 0.

budget, costs

TAXI – minimum fare 3 eur / 4.50 eur

Travelling with taxi in city depends on the city. In Bratislava there is usually minimal ride price 4.50 eur, in Kosice 3 eur a ride.

Cable car

The price really depends where you go. Cable cars in Slovak mountains are popular way oftransport if you go to ski, or if you want to skip hikings.

To the biggest highlight Lomnicke sedlo and Lomnicky stit it cost around 20 + 20 EUR return.

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