Best restaurants to organise celebration in Bratislava

There are many good places to organise an event in Bratislava, like celebration of birthday, or  just to hang around.

You need to adjust your taste for what type of places you like.

Often people start at one place, spend there most of the evening, and they can later continue in some other place.

I mention here the places which I consider as good hint for you, and of course you can go and find yourself another.

From pubs /mised with restaurant – you can just go to any place at Hviezdoslavov square or in Old town, and you will see yourself.

If you want to plan in advance we will bring the list of some places here later.

Please note that we like respectfull peope with respectfull behaviour in Bratislava and our country. Many British have ruined their reputation and while Slovaks are open and welcoming, rude behaviour does not help to buld any good kind of relationship.

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