Safety in Slovakia

How is tourist safety in Slovakia?

Main emergency number

Main emergency number: 112

Safety in Slovakia

Slovakia belongs to the safest countries in Europe and in the world.
Just like in any other country it has its hassles. Mostly small crime like pickpocketing and purse snatching. These operate in places where you easily loose attention like bars, restaurants (for example your jacket on the chair can get emptied spectacularly quickly (even in classy restaurants where one would not expect, it can happen)

It is important that wherever you go you just use common sense , especially at night on the street, in pubs, or when you see drunk people.Not that you need to panic, but you know how it is.

The rules are the same all over the world.
Basically, keep your valuables hidden, do not leave your phone wallet on the table, don’t leave things unattended, avoid drunk people on the street.
And with taxi drivers:  our advise is use Bolt( previously: Taxify), Hopin, Uber, Liftago. In standard taxi there is high risk you will be overcharged.

Safety Remark

This is not rasist comment, however Roma (in the past called gypsies) are often known as trouble makers in those little petty crimes like thiefs or fights.
Not sophisticated ones.

There are not so many “Roma” people in Bratislava, or in west part of Slovakia. There is bigger population in the east part of Slovakia. Of course healthy vigilance is required with whites also, just as anywhere in the world, put the nativity aside

Driving in Slovakia & driving safety

Driving – on the right side of the road.
If you compare driving culture in Slovakia with western Europe then we can probably take it as if comparison of cultures. That means, English are organised, Italians or Bulgarians are crazy beeping their horns etc. Slovakia is somewhere in the middle I would say.

I think there was slight increase of aggressive driving, but i believe it is only minor, and also existed in the past, just social media can now expose anything.

Road Pirates in Slovakia ?

Tonny S asked at “I have also heart about road pirates
I’m getting a little nervous about being targeted by ‘road pirates’ in Slovakia at petrol stations and border crossings. 
Is this a real and prevalent problem or am I worrying unnecessarily? “

Luckily this is nonsense and it is not happening at all. But of course, never say never.
However I have witnessed, there are people who park the car on the side of the road, and they pretend they need help. Once you stop, they either try to sell you something for very good price (dont get greedy 😀 of course they are cheating, at the end you will find out these are fake products, and most probably something is missing from your car.
So yeas, again use common sense, listen to your feelings, do not step out of the car just like that, and have the doors locked if you see such person.
Usually i know these people by look and I immediately call the police, and police takes care of these situations, or chase away those fake pretenders.

Problem can be that police may not speak English, but people on phone number 112 they normally do speak English.

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