Which are the dangerous animals in Slovakia?

Slovakia is quite safe country, but when it comes to dangers we cannot say there aren’t any.

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Bear | Safety | cool Slovakia
Author Francis C. Franklin Wikimedia licence |  / CC-BY-SA-3.0 | Bear | Safety | cool Slovakia

If you go to mountains there is a chance you may encounter a bear.
Lets not overexacurate this topic, however it is possible that you meet a bear or bear family. (November 2019: update: it is quite easy to meet a bear. the population grew, and people do not behave well, so there are reasons, why bears go even to villages) But in winter bears shall be sleeping in Slovakia.

How to behave then? there are many articles on internet  what to do in such situations, just google it.


Viper | safety | cool Slovakia
Author: Ryzhkov Sergey | Viper | safety | cool Slovakia

Sergey Ryzhkov licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

There are few snakes in Slovakia and most of then are not dangerous. The only one which represents a danger is viper. This snake is dangerous, however it is not anything like cobra or highly poisonous snakes around the world.
In case you get bitten make sure you call ambulance immediately.
Do not panic, stay calm. Avoid washing the bite area because any venom left on the skin can help identify the snake. DO NOT apply a tourniquet, cut the wound or attempt to suck the venom out.

Wild pigs/ Boars:

Authotr: Valentin Panzirsch CC Wiki | Boar | safety | cool Slovakia
Authotr: Valentin Panzirsch CC Wiki | Boar | safety | cool Slovakia

Yes there are wild pigs in Slovakia. They can be of 60-100 kg (132-220 pounds)
If you meet one just carefully watch so that it goes it’s way. It is not dangerous. 
However If there is a mother boar with baby boar piglets be very carefull. It is dangerous thenNever cross the line between mother and childs(the piglets).
They are very powerful and can be very dangerous. In such case, either stay unvisible, or slowly walk back, and I would recommend the same behavior as when meeting bear.


Steve: Wolf Cool Slovakia |
Steve: Wolf Cool Slovakia |

I would not mention wolfs here, but some people would ask about them.
There are wolfs in Slovakia, but they are not attacking people at all. they are actually shy and timid animals. Forget any movies about wolfs as killing wolf machines.
You would be actually very lucky and happy if you see one in the nature here.
They are beautiful animals , and I guess that 98% of Slovaks never seen a wolf (apart from ZOO).

Ticks – Ixodidae

Tick | Cool Slovakia
Tick | Cool Slovakia

If you walk in forest especially with beech trees, it may happen, some ticks will jump on you. It is important that after walks in forests you check your body, Do not worry, you can easily take it out.
It is good that you check your body after walk in forest, and mostly you will intuitively find out. Normally speaking the intuition means you will spimly find out. Do not ask how, but normally you touch yourself during wasking stratching or so. And you will see small bug. Again do not worry, you can easily take it out.

Follow these instructions how to take ticks out:

Use fine-tipped tweezers to grasp the tick as close to the skin’s surface as possible. Grasp it firmly but gently, so that you do not squeeze the bug insed into your body.
Turn tweezers, clockwise or anticlockwise, the direction does not matter. after
Pull upward with steady, even pressure. …
After removing the tick, thoroughly clean the bite area and your hands with rubbing alcohol or soap and water.
Never crush a tick with your fingers.

If you use oil to suffocate the tick, the tick will produce slivers during defending itself, and the slivers increase he risk of infection.
In case you get a fever go and visit a doctor. But truly speaking it is very very low chance. There are also advises about vaccinations but I do not know anyone who is vaccinated.

Wasps, bees & hornets 

Wasp, bees, hornets | CoolSlovakia
Wasp, bees, hornets | CoolSlovakia

These are not animals, instead it is the insect, but it is natural that traveller would like to know about this “danger”.
While bees are fine unless you have alergic reaction, wasps & hornets sting hurts much more. Hornets in Slovakia are nothing like aggresive asian hornets.

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