10 best activities in Košice

What are best activities and the most interesting things in Košice? The top things to do ?
What are the best places in Košice? Best sightseeing in Košice? Or what shall I do ?

Of course everyone may have different taste what people like. 
Here you are my tips for top 10 best activities in Košice, and you may choose those you like the most.

Košice is smaller city (approx 240.000 people). However it is already big enough to have a great atmosphere. Many people say it has the best atmosphere from the cities in Slovakia, and that it is very beautifull place to visit. once you visit this city, we reccomend to include in your top activities visiting:

1. St. Elizabeth Cathedral
2. Singing fountain
3. State Theater
4. Urban Tower
5. Immaculata Plague Pillar
6. St. Michael Chapel
7. Jacob’s Palace and other Palaces
8. Miklus prison
9. Coat of arms of Košice
10. Church of the Holy Trinity

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